Stuff We Like

The following are projects, talks, and writings not of our own creation, but that we admire, support, and love, and that we believe contribute to our conversation: 

– This super cool (and very addictive) video game co-created by Andrea Gonzales of Hunter High School and fellow Bard-goer Sophie Houser, which seeks to break down the menstrual taboo one tampon bullet at a time!

– This Ted Talk about living in closets

– This eloquent piece of spoken word poetry on the complications of “sexy” Halloween costumes

– This Ted Talk about normalized harassment from a woman determined to change the meaning of “good morning”

– This fascinating discussion on the sexual politics of Rihanna’s new music video

– This truly inspiring interview with Malala Yousafzai, the young advocate for girl’s education who was shot in the head by the Taliban

– This intriguing article in The New York Times’ Magazine about the disproportionate representation of women in the sciences as told by a real-life woman in the sciences

– This fabulous Ted Talk by Megan Kamerick about why women should represent women in the media

– This really important perspective on the Miley Cyrus debacle that may have been lost among the pearlclutching.

– This wonderfully smart post about Beauty and the Beast, rape culture, and how to critically assess media while still enjoying it.

– This lovely tumblr created by our own fellow Bardians

– This wonderful photo project, in which a mother dressed her daughter up like some remarkable women.  “Set aside the Barbie dolls and Disney princesses, and let’s show our girls the real women they can be.”

– This amazing piece of spoken-word poetry about societal expectations of the behavior of women


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