Goals for 2017-2018! by Eliya Ahmad ’19

At last weeks meeting, we discussed our goals for the upcoming year, including both broad overall ideas and more specific ideas for individual meetings and projects.

We want to…

  • have an emphasis on intersectionality
  • collaborate with other clubs
  • get to know each other well
  • bring snacks :)))
  • produce a feminist mini-mag
  • make sure more people know what STAGE is about
  • invite more speakers to come either for meetings or Dean’s Hours
  • organize a feminist conference across high schools
  • increase STAGE’s presence throughout the school
  • create a safe space for anyone
  • have dinners as a club

This list includes some of the main goals we came up with as a club. If anyone has anything they would like to see STAGE do, feel free to contact us!


Interest Meeting (10/5/17) Recap! by Eliya Ahmad ’19

To start things off, we went around and shared why we’re each at the meeting. Common responses included:

  • no another place to discuss these topics
  • prior involvement in the club
  • new leaders
  • previous involvement in feminist movement, wants to continue
  • excited for discussions
  • collab with Diversity Initiative
  • impressed with conversations
  • learning new things

This was followed up by some logistical announcements (Thursdays in room 413), a description of a typical stage meeting (discussions that move from an impersonal to a personal level), and a discussion of last year (see previous blog post).

Next, we talked about why STAGE is Students Taking Action for Gender Equity rather than a feminist club, namely due to the various negative connotations people may have with the label of “feminist.” We opened the floor up for people to share some of their experiences with the word “feminist,” and why they do or do not identify as one. Some of the ideas discussed are listed below.

  • feminist movement is exclusionary
    • white feminism
    • makes it hard to identify with feminist movement
  • feminism vs. intersectional feminism
    • feminism should be synonymous with intersectional feminist
    • shouldn’t have to specify intersectionality, should go without saying
  • activism vs. feminism
    • categorized as “other” group if you believe in feminism or activism
  • word “feminist” is stigmatized—> systematic sexism
    • women’s words are seen as imposing in comparison to a mans
  • equity vs. equality (see cartoon at end of blog post!!!)
  • there’s always more to learn in regards to feminism
    • associations with the word feminist change as more is learned
  • growing up in NYC it’s easier to identify with feminism because so many people are surrounded by others that are outspoken
  • “fear” of feminists
    • “angry woman” stereotype
    • societal portrayal of feminism
  • sexist culture at home creates some hesitance towards feminism
    • forced to be against one’s culture
  • experiencing different aspects of feminism (feminism as a spectrum)
  • history of feminism skews how the definition is viewed now
  • power/ social force associated with feminism can be empowering

Also, check out cloudyfeminism.weebly.com, a blog about feminism run by Ella (9th)!


Image result for equity vs equality cartoon


Recap of 2016-2017! by Eliya Ahmad ’19

Before we begin a new year of STAGE, we wanted to take a moment to look back over the previous year. Last year was a busy year for STAGE, and while a brief blog post cannot begin to cover everything we did last year, here are some of the highlights.

  • Tampon Drive — Once again, STAGE ran its annual tampon drive in December. Donations of tampons and pads were collected for a few weeks, and then given to a homeless shelter. Tampons and pads are often overlooked when it comes to necessary donations, so tampon drives can be a big help.
  • Now That We’re Men — STAGE went to see Now That We’re Men, a play directed by Katie Capiello at St. Francis College. The play brought an interesting perspective rape culture among teenage boys.
  • Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Concert — STAGE held a concert at BHSEC where many talented students performed. The proceeds of this concert were donated to Planned Parenthood.
  • Planned Parenthood Speaker — A representative from Planned Parenthood led a STAGE meeting, where we discussed the reality of reproductive rights in the current administration, the discrepancy of reproductive rights both nation-wide and globally, the shortcomings of most health education classes, and many other fascinating topics.
  • Women’s Ally Week — STAGE facilitated a town hall discussion during the Diversity Initiative’s first annual Women’s Ally Week.

These are just a few of the many special events we had in STAGE last year, along with weekly discussion-based meetings and various other events. We are all looking forward to another great year with many great things in store!