A recap of the first meeting of the 2015-2016 school year!

At our first STAGE meeting on Thursday, 10/29 we compiled a list of our own definitions of feminism as well as a list of things we want to do this year. These lists are representative of our club while keeping in mind that each person’s definition of feminism is personal and ever changing.

-Maggie Linhart (Y1)

Some definitions of Feminism:

  1. Being as inclusive and intersectional as possible, as well as being aware of other structures and inequalities- intersectionality!
  2. Power in discussion
  3. Being aware of disparity and inequality
  4. Fighting against how women are limited because of their gender
  5. Finding common ground with our peers through feminism
  6. Strengthening and empowering each other
  7. Detaching from gender norms
  8. Allows us to be proud of being women/ being non binary while being inclusive

Goals for STAGE 2015:

  1. To include non binary people in the feminist conversation
  2. To collaborate with other clubs
  3. To take on more projects- both inside and outside of the school
  4. To have more analytical meetings
  5. To learn more about feminist history
  6. To have movie nights
  7. To reach out to the rest of the school and have a stronger presence
  8. To become a more diverse club
  • As our third year of STAGE picks up, we hope blog posts do as well! To submit submissions, send to stage.bhsec@gmail.com

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